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i can put you in a log cabin login

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Dealing with Expansion / Contraction in Log Cabins ...


Dealing with Expansion / Contraction in Log Cabins. We know that Log Cabins move and certainly within the first year of life they can move quite a bit. I explain this in an article about moisture content in log cabins which greatly effects the expansion and contraction of the wall logs. The trouble is this movement can be a bit of a problem if we want to put things on the wall, or perhaps ...


Modernizing Your Cabin or Log Home - Homestead Timbers


The first and easiest is log siding. This option allows you to apply siding which looks like a log, to be applied to a stick build house where you can have drywall on the inside too. However, if you are looking at purchasing an existing log home and are otherwise unable to put drywall up, there are other ways to update or transform the dated ...

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    How to Build a Log Cabin (…from Scratch and by Hand)


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